Five Advanced Styling Tricks to Improve Your Fashion Game

When a celebrity walks into a room or into the streets, you pay attention. That is all they desire. When a celebrity enters the picture, grins, and draws a heart with his fingers for his admirers, he has their attention. That is all he desires. Five Advanced Styling Techniques to Up Your Fashion Game.

Two opposite personalities—vibrant and meek. Both are enticing. Both are capable of eliciting the desired reactions. But how exactly?

It’s clear that it’s not just about the clothes. However, if you want to add a few Sigma male-like characteristics to your vibe; if you want your presence in the room to be impactful, raise your fashion game with these advanced styling ideas.

1. Put On Your Watch

Researchers at the University of Glasgow’s College of Science and Engineering discovered that watch wearers scored lower in extraversion, agreeableness, and openness but higher in emotional stability.

Watch wearers have higher degrees of conscientiousness, which is a remarkable characteristic.

If you don’t have a trademark watch, Cosmos Vault should take its place. It is a Bluetooth calling smartwatch that allows you to access your phone and gives health assessments, but it also has a classy style that is strong enough to alert others to your presence.

hand watch hd image men

2. Roll Your Sleeves Neatly

The casual-business look is popular. Watching a guy in formals with rolled-up sleeves is unbeatably appealing to ladies. However, do it neatly. It exudes a responsible guy-ready to have fun aura. It acts like a chick magnet.

sleeves folding photo

3. Use Stripes to Layer

Layers give your clothing dimension. It improves your appearance and is an excellent style technique for lean males. However, adding another layer of a jacket or cardigan isn’t ideal for summer. As a result, layer a plain T-shirt or shirt over a striped one. The combo will make you look better.

4. Mix and Match Your Expensive and Regular Clothes

You don’t have to spend a fortune to appear impressive. However, it is critical that you appreciate the benefits of pricey apparel. It’s more about the quality and feel than the label.

When you wear fancy clothing, you tend to act differently. You take greater precautions. You keep a better posture. And when you’re not concerned about your appearance, you tend to move more confidently.

expensive and simple clothing look

5. If Possible, Avoid Using Synthetic Fabrics

Natural textiles are more durable, appear more expensive, and feel better. Someone who pays attention may identify the difference between better organic linen and polyester blends in an instant. Even if your things aren’t pricey, natural textiles will make them appear so.

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